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Previous PhD students:

  1.  Jari Miettinen (2014): On statistical properties of blind source separation methods based on joint diagonalization. (University of Jyväskylä, jointly with Sara Taskinen)
  2. Aurore Archimbaud (2018): Statistical methods for outlier detection for high-dimensional data. (Toulouse School of Economics, jointly with Anne Ruiz-Gazen)
  3. Markus Matilainen (2018): On independent component analysis and supervised dimension reduction for multivariate time series. (University of Turku, jointly with Hannu Oja)
  4. Joni Virta (2018): Independent component analysis for non-standard data structures. (University of Turku, jointly with Hannu Oja and Bing Li)


Previously supervised Master’s theses:

  1. Juho Pelto (2016): Estimation of signal space in principal components analysis . (University of Turku, jointly with H. Oja)
  2. Matti Rytkönen (2014): On multivariate regression using spatial signs and ranks. (University of Tampere)
  3. Simo Korpela (2013): Comparing the performance of multivariate location tests for Lp-norm distributed data. (University of Tampere)
  4. Päivi Julin (2013): Palvelu- ja toimitilarakentamisen ennakoivat indikaattorit ja ennustamisen mallintaminen. (University of Tampere, jointly with A. Luoma)
  5. Eero Liski  (2009): On sliced inverse regression. (University of Tampere, jointly with H. Oja)