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New R packages

during the spring we published several new R packages on CRAN. KernelICA gives an implementation of kernel ICA, and ssaBSS has several methods for (non-)stationary source separation. shapeNA allows for robust shape estimation when there are missing values in the data.

Meanwhile I am involved in 22 packages on CRAN. Below a figure about their monthly download stats as provided from the package dlstats.

End of the year rush

The end of 2016 was busy but productive. Two more papers were uploaded to Arxiv:

  1.  “Projection Pursuit for non-Gaussian Independent Components
  2. Multivariate Outlier Detection with ICS

and two R packages were uploaded to CRAN:

  1. ICSOutlier which implements the methods from paper 2 above.
  2. ICtest which provides the methods from paper 1 above and from our recently submitted paper “Asymptotic and bootstrap tests for subspace dimension“.

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